Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Ipsy glam bag

My February Ipsy bag came in a few days ago!
I have to say, I wasn't very impressed this month. I feel like I used more of the samples from last month. This month, it came with a mascara, gel liner, face primer, lash cards, and little eye shadow samples. The bag is a shiny black bag, it's cute but looks a little cheap... I preferred last month's bag!
So the face primer is from Pixi... I don't know how much I'll use it as I'm not really big on the foundation/face primers. I prefer to not have my pores clogged with makeup unless I go to an event or clubbing. So maybe I'll use it once. It didn't seem to blend really well, I kept blending it in and it seemed to just rub away. I guess I'll really see how it is when I'm doing my make up.
The Mica gel eyeliner looks really good, I hadn't had a chance to open it yet, but it seems to be very black. I am currently using a regular liquid liner from Maybelline called stiletto, maybe when that is finished I will try this gel liner! I've never heard of the brand but I have been into using new brands -- I have an eye shadow primer from Nyx -- seems to work pretty good!
The eye shadow sample is from Coastal Scents; the colors look nice, I received "candlelight," "gunmetal," "incognito," and "ashen." Very romantic shades for a nice smokey eye look.
The mascara, I'm not sure if I will actually use it. I will do a comparison soon. I currently use DiorShow Blackout mascara that I am IN LOVE with... (see pics below). It just separates my eyelashes and curls them... all while making them stand out! Love it! And for 25 bucks at Sephora, how can you compete?!
I tried to use the Lash Cards last night as I was getting ready to go out in Hollywood....It was a little hard to use. I mean, it's not complicated to do but I couldn't coordinate myself to apply mascara and have the lash card on my eyelid. It's a great concept, and I want to try using it again. I always have a problem with clumping of my eyelashes and getting my mascara on my shadow after I have already applied it... So this is a great solution! Great idea!
February 2013 Ipsy Glam bag contents

Sunday, February 17, 2013

February styles!

Aloha readers!
I went to Forever 21 today in Santa Monica and I bought a few goodies. Firstly, I bought this neon yellow work out shirt that I thought was really cute. I'm so into the bright workout gear, I need to invest in more brightly colored things for working out! Second, I bought this cheetah print top with mesh sleeves -- I thought it was really cute! And lastly I also bought this lacey crotchet top! I'm going to wear it underneath some brightly colored tank tops I received from Abercrombie! Super cute!


Monday, February 11, 2013

A little preview...

So today I ventured to downtown LA to meet up with a photographer for head shots! It was crazy because the Grammys happened to be the same time at the Staples Center, and the studio was right across from there! It was so cool! So many limos, and people looking all important... haha
I was super excited to take pictures but overwhelmed at the same time! I'm no model! I have no idea how to work the camera! Here's a little preview of a very non-professional pic I took of myself with my iphone while I waited in between looks! haha!
The next two pictures are of the beautiful sunset in Santa Monica tonight! It was amazing! I really need to invest in a nicer camera, to really capture the beauty. May I add there are no filters on these pics! :)
Anyway, more about this when I get my pictures soon! :)
xoxo Andrea

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Romantic Valentines


New goodies

Happy February everyone!
I have been meaning to post sooner but got really busy with work!
I received some goodies in the post recently, that I had ordered from So excited! I bought this crocheted white scarf, which is really pretty! I love it!
And the second item I received were these awesome heel-less heels!!! They look so cool! I tried them on and they are surprisingly easy to walk in, for looking like there is nothing to support you! They are a cheaper version of Jeffrey Campbell's Nightwalk shoes. Granted they probably aren't of the same quality, but maybe when I save up one day I can buy the legit J. Campbell ones!
I can't wait to wear these out! I have the perfect outfit idea too, and it involves my motelrocks blue/black lace dress!!

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