Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer of the Dress: The Blue Dress

Hello loves!
I am calling this summer the "Summer of the Dress," as you have noticed my last couple of posts have all been dresses (and they will keep coming!).
I fell completely IN LOVE with this Blue Dress I got from eShakti! I ordered it at the same time I ordered the Chambray dress from last week, and it is one of my favorite dresses! It looked rather cute on the website, and I didn't expect it to be this flattering! It is the perfect "poofiness," that makes my waist look small and my legs look long! 
Again, I am reusing pieces I packed with me, in my attempts to "pack light," so I am wearing the same Nine West heels I wore to the conference, and the same gold statement necklace and bangles!  This time I am using my Aldo Purse that I bought a few years ago. I was in love with how the whole outfit came together, perfect for lunch or dinner or even going out for some drinks! It is the perfect summery dress!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Conference Fashion Transition to going out - Chambray dress and accessories part 2

Hello loves!
This is part 2 of the conference fashion post from Tuesday - but now I bring you an easy way to transition this same outfit into an easy going out/drinks/dinner/nightlife post by just changing some accessories!
Trying to pack light, I packed a lot of different accessories, and planned some outfits that I could transition easily by switching accessories, so I could get the most out of my expeditions out into the city without having to go back to the hotel to change! The statement necklace easily fits in my purse and I can carry my blazer! This is my look for the conference happy hour before heading out for dinner and drinks!
By just a simple removal of the blazer and switching the statement necklace, I feel like it looks like a different outfit! The same chambray dress from eShakti and heels from Nine West, and the same fringe purse! I am thinking of wearing my hair up though, since I wear my hair down a lot, and it is hot!

The original business outfit:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Barcelona Conference Fashion - Chambray dress, fringe and a Blazer

Hello from Barcelona loves!
Today I bring you an outfit I am wearing to the conference here in Barcelona! It's been a long day of traveling from LA, and after settling in the hotel room, I decided to check out the convention center, check in to the conference, and sit in for some talks before heading out and seeing some sights and getting dinner!
Since it will be 90 degrees F (~32 degrees C) all week here, I decided to mostly wear dresses to the conference! In order to make the dresses look more professional, I am pairing them with a blazer and some heels! 
I have to present at the poster competition tomorrow, so I will be wearing something similar! I am excited to present my research internationally and get great ideas about my research and other research going on in the community! 
I have been eyeing the chambray trend for a while now, and I finally bought a chambray dress from eShakti. I previously posted about new trends at eShakti and this is one of the dresses I fell in love with!  It is long enough to be sophisticated while providing a flattering look with a sweetheart neckline! I added the plain black blazer  (Steve Harvey Collection) on top to wear inside the convention center, since it is too hot outside to be wearing long sleeves, but sitting in talks all day inside will become a little chilly with the AC! I also wore this fringed black purse I got from Ross - Brand "Perfect Image" (store similar to TJ Maxx), I can't remember the brand, but it was $12 and I have been eyeing this kind of purse for months now (as if you couldn't tell from my posts!). I tried to pack lightly so I brought a few pieces I could match with different outfits, so you will be seeing similar pieces adapted to different things! I have a tendency to over pack, but I was determined to pack smart this time! (I had to pack for both a 4-day conference and vacation!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Six Summer Beauty Travel Essentials

Happy middle of the week/almost the weekend!
As the weekend gets closer I'm getting more and more anxious about my trip! I finally settled into my new apartment, finally got rid of boxes and unpacked everything, and finally got into a routine for my commute to work, and now I'm getting ready to jet set off to Europe for the next three weeks! I have already talked about this but I am going to a conference in Barcelona, and I finished my poster for my presentation tonight, going to go print it tomorrow on fabric (yes they print on fabric so no more carrying huge poster tubes in the airport!), and just wrapping up experiments in lab. Time to start packing for the next few weeks of SUN and RELAXATION!! Something I have been lacking the last few weeks.

Summer Beauty Travel Essentials


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Red White and Blue - Vice3 Makeup Tutorial

Hello lovelies!
I am back with a *late* blog post, but I liked it so much I thought I would post it anyway. The craziness of life has started to slow down, so I have more time to post! I was working crazy long hours to try to finish experiments before I leave on my trip, and throw moving a whole one bedroom apartment over a weekend was a feat in itself - I didn't realize how much stuff I have accumulated since living by myself! My new apartment is almost completely set up, which feels good and I can finally relax! And then in a week I will be heading off to Europe - first to a conference in Spain - which I am ECSTATIC about! I have always wanted to go to Spain, and particularly Barcelona! and then off to Cyprus to lounge by the beach and hang out with family! SO. EXCITED.

Today I bring you a Fourth of July makeup tutorial from last week, using shades from my beloved UD Vice3 Palette! This palette is seriously so versatile, and can create so many different looks, as you have seen with my makeup tutorial series using this one palette! Even something like a Fourth of July look can be created! I took a break from packing last Saturday to go to a BBQ, and decided to try to be festive, so I pulled out my palette and created this look! I realized after its not completely original since a lot of other people have done this look but I didn't look at any other photos to come up with the idea! Lol. Take a look!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Living Room Inspiration - Blue like the Sea

Hello loves!
Happy first of July! I can't believe it is already July! Where is time going!? It feels like it was New Years Eve just yesterday!
I have had a rough couple of weeks with non stop work and stress, and getting really stressed out about my move this weekend to university apartments. I was really anxious to make everything official, but everything is working out and I have transferred all the utilities etc.! Now comes the hard part - packing up a whole apartment's worth of furniture!

I currently have a living room/dining room set up that I like, but with having a new place, I want to switch it up a bit, and what better way to switch it up than with changing in some cool accent pieces!
Living Room Inspiration - Blue like the SeaLiving Room Inspiration - Blue like the Sea by andreah227 featuring a leather loveseat

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