Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I'm wearing right now!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All day eye makeup!

Using my Be a Bombshell eye shadow quad that I received in my Ipsy Glam bag this month, I came up with this cute look for a Krewella Concert I went to at Club Nokia in downtown LA!
I first primed my eyelid with my Urban Decay Primer Potion, let it dry, and then put in the light gold color on the inside of my eye, and then transitioned into the reddish color, making sure I blended it nicely, and then put a touch of teal in the corner, finished off with black liquid liner and some of my all time favorite DiorShow Blackout mascara!

The top left picture is from the morning, and the bottom right picture is over 12 hrs later! Make up still intact! The pictures aren't very clear but the makeup STILL looked great! I definitely LOVE the Urban Decay Primer potion, I won't put on eyeshadow with out it anymore!! :D

Do you use an eye shadow primer that you can't live without? What about your favorite eye shadow?
I think my favorite is still the Naked3, but I really like this Be a Bombshell palette as well!!

xo Andrea


Friday, March 14, 2014

Hey NewsHour, this is why I chose basic research video

So my lab and I are entering a competition for PBS NewsHour, This is why I chose basic research, and we made it into a kind of music video based on Katy Perry's Last Friday Night.  This is only a 1 minute clip, but we will be releasing a full length video soon!

What do you think?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March Ipsy GlamBag

I finally received my March Ipsy GlamBag!  I really like everything that is in this bag. The body butter smells amazing. I really like the Pacifica creams. I really like the Bombshell eyeshadow quad, the colors are so bright and stunning! I also really like the lipstick! I didn't know that bare minerals makes a lipstick line!!! Can't wait to try the color tomorrow! And lastly, I received a Chella Indigo Blue eyeliner pen, which glides on perfectly! I will also try that on in the next couple of days!
I know some people received a Nicole by OPI nail polish, which I was disappointed I didn't get, but apparently it might just be random and depend on how you scored on their Ipsy Match quiz? I don't know. But I really liked the color this month and didn't get it :(

I will try to get another video review up soon, or a video tutorial for another Naked3 or makeup look!

Sorry for my lack of posts. I have been a zombie with work overload. My mom and brother are coming to visit this weekend/all of next week so I have been trying to get a lot of my work done this week (I have worked 12-14 hr days since Monday....) so bare with me!!!
I am going to do a 30 day lip challenge, where I will post different lip glosses, pencils, lipsticks I use for 30 days!
I am also going to be starting a fitness challenge next week, I need to get serious about fitness, I have lost my motivation but I want those abs by summer. I don't want to be on the beach regretting not working hard enough when I had the time!
But OH I forgot, I have my midstream presentation coming up in exactly a month (Where 3rd Year Grad students present their progress in front of their committee and department). I have a lot of data but its just going to be very stressful. But when is grad school NOT stressful?

Anyway, how do you cope with stress and other pressures from work or school? Any advice on how to not overload yourself? Also, how do you stay fashionable while still practical? I want to write an article on this soon (when I have more time, I'll keep you posted!). Would you be interested in reading an article about fashionable and practical style for the workplace?

xoxo Andrea

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sephora purchases - Urban Decay!

AH so I FINALLY bought a lipstick from Urban Decay! I am in love with the color! I got "Turn On" and it is perfect! I thought it would be too nude/bland pink but it is a really good shade! I wore it to work and got some nice comments!
I also bought a bigger tube of the primer potion! It really does work! I put some on this morning and did my makeup with the Naked3 Palette and my makeup lasted the entire day! I even played soccer tonight and then lifted at the gym, and I was shocked to see my makeup still in place after a long day!
Today I also tried the Make Up Forever mini lipstick, and I am in love with the shade. I'll post a picture later but its not too far off from my regular lip color but it still has a small shading which makes it perfect for an every day lipstick! I am thinking of buying the full size if its not too expensive! :D
What do you think of these products?

xo A

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Casual Birthday Outfit by RoseGal!

Two days ago was my birthday! I finally hit 25.... I can't believe I am officially in my mid-twenties. I feel like I turned 20 not too long ago. I had a busy week of protein purification, and Thursday was not an exception. I had a lot of work to do, harvesting cells and running gels. Although I did "sleep in" an extra 45 minutes and got in to work a little later than I usually have this past week. I also dressed up seeing as it was my birthday and I had plans for a birthday dinner with my boyfriend! :) I wore something that is acceptable to wear to lab, but can also be dressy enough for dinner, since I ended up working until 7:30pm when we had a dinner reservation at 8! Easy transition.

I decided to wear this dress I received from a couple of days ago! It is a little preppy but cute, and I was able to dress it to my own style! Alta from Rosegal contacted me last month about picking an item from their site to send to me to review, and let me tell you, there is a GREAT selection of items! They have a lot of vintage style clothing, which are really cute, in addition to other very stylish dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories! And the best part was that a lot of these things were under 20 dollars with free shipping!

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