Friday, February 19, 2016

Simple Chic work outfit - and a JazzyKreationz Statement Necklace

Happy Friday!
Another week, another post! What a busy crazy week it has been, and its only been a 4 day week, with the day off on Monday!
The weather in LA has also been a little crazy, cold, then warming back up into the 80s/90s, to rain, to back to warm... what is this!? I would expect this weather from back home in MA but not in SoCal! Though I can't say I didnt love the rain!! I'm so excited for the weekend to relax and recharge, it has been a really busy week running around to different obligations and experiments/gathering some really great data!
Here is a simple chic outfit I wore to work, featuring the Brown-gold statement necklace, that is a handmade statement necklace from JazzyKreationz - a handmade and customizable necklace and jewelry store I discovered on instagram! This necklace is so simple yet so chic - I love the beaded pattern and detail! It definitely steals the spotlight from the rest of the outfit, which I kept simple to focus on this necklace! I also love the colors, perfect for a conference or simple outfit, have it be the focal point! I got a lot of compliments on this outfit and necklace, so I am so happy with it! Definitely check out Jazzy's store and see her other "kreationz!" She can customize a necklace or make one to order, so if there is something in mind that you want, definitely let her know! I love the other necklaces she makes as well, they are super chic!
I just wore a simple white t-shirt with a sparkly cardigan from a local store, along with my YMI jeans and ankle boots from Target! This is one of my go-to outfits since it is so simple and can be paired with a nice statement necklace to really add some style!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Makeup Monday: Vice 4 Makeup Tutorial, My Valentine's Day look

Today I'm showing you another subtle look I created using my Vice 4 palette, this time for valentine's day! It is very similar to the one I showed you last week, but this one has a pop of pink, that is subtle but still super pretty for Valentine's Day!
I spent the weekend relaxing and unplugging from work. I had a great time spending the weekend with friends, having lots of good laughs playing Cards against Humanity, and spending valentines with my boy. Today is a holiday so I took it off and spent it doing things that I haven't had time for, like working on blog posts, watching tv, catching up on skype with my cousins, scrolling on instagram and creating new posts, and more. 
It's nice, and I'm about to head to the beach by myself to catch the sunset and just relax. It's nice to have others to go with but sometimes you just need some alone time!
Here is the look:

Friday, February 12, 2016

All you need is love - Valentines or "Gal-entines" outfit

Happy Valentines Day (soon!) loves!
I've been so crazy busy and overwhelmed these last few weeks, as I have been saying over and over again, and I haven't really been able to do a proper outfit post. What better event for an outfit than Valentines Day? I hadn't been able to go shopping lately because of finances and trying to save money, so I had to dig through my closet for something new that I haven't worn in a while! Life of a grad student - shopping in your own closet!
This is a body con dress that I got from Asos years ago, it must be from 2010? I think I saw another blogger wear it and it inspired me to buy it. I havent really worn it because of the open back and the body con style, it really hugs every curve, and since I felt like I gained some weight recently, I wasn't comfortable to wear it. But with my new fitness journey, I feel more comfortable in my body and I lost some weight, so I felt great in it. Of course, sometimes you can see a pooch, but I challenge YOU to wear a body con! haha!
I took these photos at the "Love Wall" in Culver City, and it was the perfect back drop for a Valentines post!
I love this dress, i particularly love the neckline with the crotched lace! For accessories I just wore my Nine West black heels, a black clutch/purse from Express that I got over Christmas, and my Boyajian Trend Gallery Yayoi Collection Tassel bracelet.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Vice 4 Makeup Tutorial: Metallics

Happy Friday!
I'm so glad almost the weekend!
I've had a busy stressful week, and I'm finding myself start falling back into my old ways from last quarter. I am trying so hard to STOP that! I can't go back to how I was feeling last quarter. So I am taking this weekend to relax and chill.
Here is a makeup look I created with my new Urban Decay Vice 4 palette I got as a Christmas gift from my mom!  I really like the pigments in all of the Vice palettes, so I was super excited to try the newest limited edition palette! I created a metallic shimmery look that you can wear on the daily but also dress it up to go out at night! 


Monday, February 1, 2016

Malibu and Glam Necklace - weekend relaxing

Happy Monday and happy February! I can't believe it is already the first of the month! January flew by!
I've been super busy with lab work and some outside things I am involved with, which is great because it gives me more of a work-life balance. I've been trying to leave lab at a reasonable time so I can have enough time to relax and workout when I get home. So far so good, and my stress levels are much lower!
I'm also working on rebranding my blog a little bit, adding a fitness aspect to it, because fitness and health has become a big aspect of my life recently, ever since I decided I needed to take care of myself. I am hoping to start writing some blogposts about lifestyle, fitness and health, and also start a youtube channel as well. I have been doing a beachbody program called 21 day fix and I saw results in 21 days, and I feel sooo much better - no more headaches or migraines! I am trying to help people as well so I signed up to be a coach, so if you are interested in doing a program with me, send me an email, I'd love to forward you some info on the program and have you join the challenge group that is starting next monday February 8!! I've started surrounding myself with a lot of positivity in this group, everyone is so great and posts every day to stay accountable, its exactly what I need right now.
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