Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meal Reflections and My New Hobby - Cooking Video Review with Blue Apron

Hey guys! Since I've been on a more healthy kick and really focused on my fitness, I have been really into cooking my own meals. Ive found that my stomach doesn't respond well at all anymore to processed and outside foods. Every time lately when I eat out with friends or get take out, I'm left with a very unhappy stomach.

With a little extra work, I've been able to find a meal plan and delicious recipes that work, and all are made by ME, so I know every ingredient and what exactly goes into my meals! I have been following this color coded portion control meal plan, which has done wonders for me in keeping balanced macros and correct portions. Pairing up following the meal plan with my workout programs, I've seen greatly reduced bloat, feeling great, and great results. On thanksgiving I didn't have a traditional Turkey meal, but instead had a really delicious Middle Eastern meal, and it was AMAZING. Although, I did feel sick after having my third slice of pumpkin cheese cake and my third glass of wine... I had a lot of Rice, carbs, and the other night at dinner I had way too much bread. After eliminating certain things like dairy and bread from my normal diet (not completely, but just very much smaller portions), now when I overeat these things, my body has a reaction. I never realized how your body can change and react to things you used to normally eat!


Friday, November 25, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide with Minu Jewels!

Hello loves!

Happy Friday! Are any of you shopping today for Black Friday deals?  I can't believe its already almost the end of November, and thanksgiving has come and gone! Now to the December holidays and the new year!
I am trying my best to not spend money, as I am on a graduate student budget and my credit card bills and utilities are through the roof, and I have to save money for my upcoming trip, but a girl can dream right?? So making a wishlist/gift guide is what I am doing instead!

I am gearing up for a trip to visit my boyfriend's family in two weeks, and I am flying to Jordan, my first time in the middle east! I am really excited because it is the first time I have ever not spent Christmas time with my family, but it will be worth it to explore new things and places! My wanderlust bug is in full effect!! And what better way to prep for a trip to the middle east than by indulging in some mediterranean inspired jewelry from Minu Jewels. 
I was introduced to this brand by my good friend Chantal from Boyajian Trend Gallery, who curated a selection of jewelry from various designers, including Minu Jewels. I instantly fell in love with the various collections, handmade by the designer herself, Mina. And those of you who have been following me from the start, know about how much I LOVE statement jewelry and pieces; it is part of my identity at this point.

Here are some of my picks, for those of you who need gift ideas for that special fashionista, and not quite sure what to get. These are so pretty and fashionable, excellent statement pieces for any occasion, even wearing to the lab! 


Tye Necklace Turquoise Slice Egyptian Turquoise Necklace
Rasha Necklace Felisa Necklace Bedouin Turquoise Necklace
Hala Necklace Daria Necklace Druzy Necklace


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fabulous Accessories for the Holidays - Accessorize with Montana Silversmiths

Happy Thanksgiving! Here in the US this week is all about giving thanks, and appreciating what you have. And more importantly, its about taking some much needed time off from the lab!
I just finished some long days/late nights of just writing writing writing, and sent off a final draft to my labmates for revisions before sending off to the journal for *hopefully* acceptance for publication! So I left lab early on this pre-Thanksgiving afternoon, and I jumped right on to get some blog posts written for you that I have lined up!
I have a small holiday wishlist, and a lot of those things on my list are accessories, and pieces I can match with clothing and outfits I already own. A great way to spice up your outfits is by adding some extra bling and pizzazz with your accessories, including earrings and necklaces!
I am a big lover of dangly and sparkly earrings, in addition to pendant necklaces, so when I discovered Montana Silversmiths Jewelry, I was a huge fan of their selection of really pretty pieces. They have a lot of timeless, classy earrings and necklaces, and it was hard just choosing a few to style!
Here are a few of their pieces I was sent to style, and they are my favorite! I fell in love, and they are super affordable and great quality pieces that will last.

First, I styled these Retro Flair Open Fan Earrings with a casual outfit I wore to the lab, and they were super pretty and stylish. In addition, because they had some bling on them, they really stood out in contrast with my dark hair!


Friday, November 11, 2016

#BossLady Chic with Romwe - Conference Outfit

Happy Friday!!
It's almost the weekend and what a week it has been!!
With the results from the recent elections, I'm still trying to process the results and what that means for us as a nation and for science.
I am on a twitter party right now for Science Communication, every week called #sciparty, and we are discussing just how important it is for us scientists be able to communicate our science and research effectively to the common person. It is so important we have the skills to be able to explain our findings to everyone, so everyone can understand that without research, we can't make advances to cure diseases and cancer! If you have any questions about research and the importance of funding research, please contact me, I'd love to chat!
Which leads me to this weekend, I am attending an on campus symposium tomorrow, all day, and I am presenting my research at a poster session! I jump at every opportunity to present my work, whether its on campus symposium, national or international conferences! The dress code is business casual, and I am going to wear this Black Floral Print Sleeveless Bodycon Dress from It is the right length, midi length hitting right at the knee and slightly below, so its not too short, and also covers up on the top!  It is Bodycon style though, which for some might think it will be too tight, but that is why I ordered it a size up in Medium, and I think it fits perfectly. It is not uncomfortable while still showing a silhouette and still being classy! And this floral print is amazing! I am in love with it! I can't wait to present my research in this outfit! It is also a good #bosslady outfit for oral presentations! AH I'm in love!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Practical Lab Fashion with - Criss Cross Crochet Lace Blouse

Hello! Happy November!

Things have been quite busy, and with the election yesterday, I was glued to the TV! I've been busy with lab and started writing my last chapter of my dissertation which will be submitted as a publication hopefully soon!

Since I am working at the computer mostly nowadays, I still want to look fashionable and cute, and I can wear cute pieces and not worry about them getting in the way or being uncomfortable in the lab! A pretty blouse with some light wash jeans and some booties is my go-to right now. I really love this Royal Blue Criss Cross Back Crochet Blouse I received from, and I was obsessed with the lace detail! The top also has a really pretty crochet back detail, which you can see below. It is also very flowy, so perfect for those days I feel super bloated. This gave me the opportunity to wear something more form fitting on the lower part of my body, like these light wash jeans I bought from American Eagle Outfitters. The contrast of the dark blue top with the light blue of the denim was just classic! The top was comfy and soft, and it's definitely one of my staples this fall going into winter!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping on a budget - Edressuk

Hello lovely people!
I can't believe how fast time is flying.
I have been super busy with lab trying to finish up my projects so I can defend my dissertation, but I had to redo a lot of experiments and I can't believe it's already November! This year flew by! I was hoping to be done by December but still have so much to do... but hopefully I will be done by this coming Spring quarter the latest!
In the Spring I have 2 different weddings coming up, friends getting married, and then in September my cousin is getting married in Cyprus also. So next year I have a total of 3 weddings to attend, one of which I will be a bridesmaid.
When I went home for another wedding this past September, we went dress shopping with my friend Angela, the bride, and we tried on various styles of dresses, various colors, and we decided on a palette of light purple/lilac colors and chiffon style dresses. It was a tough choice because there were a LOT of dresses to choose from, every girl had a different body type, whatever it was, you name it!
And then you look at the prices... As a grad student on a budget, I reallyyyyyy didn't want to (nor did I have the funds to) drop 200$ on a dress I will wear once at a wedding! When you are living on a grad student budget where your rent is 65% of your stipend, every single dollar matters!

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