Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mid spring sales!

So I spent money when I shouldn't have and been saving... But what can I say, I love shopping!!
I bought this dress in the Motelrocks sale, the Penelope dress in blue floral highlight print! It's so pretty!! With a denim top and a flowy skirt! Can't wait to try it on! Hope it fits!
It was 40$ in the sale and then I had some motel credit that I used so it came out to 25$! Not a bad deal for a gorgeous motel piece!
I also bought a ring (I never wear rings!!) from and it finally came in today! It's the Marla double finger gold chain ring! It's so pretty! I originally saw it on a post from Jessica from and I just had to get it myself (she does a good job selling items!)
I'm wearing it to work because I love it but ill have to take it off the second I get there to do lab work, lol. Gloves + rings is not comfortable!
Anyway, I have to finish my entries for the motel stylist task, it ends on the 29th! Eek. I'll post my entries here!
Xoxo A


Sunday, April 14, 2013

April - Pretty in pink Ipsy GlamBag!

Hello readers!
I have been pretty busy this past week or two with school work and actual work... Too much to do in the lab! I have an Orals Qualifying exam for advancement to Phd Candidacy coming up at the end of May, so excuse my absence if I do not post. Although this blog is a good way to escape from science sometimes.
So here is my review of the April Ipsy Glam bag. I skipped writing one for March because I wasn't very wow'ed by the items from last month, but this month totally makes up for it!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Dusk til Dawn in Motel: Night Time


Curly hair!

Curled my hair for the first time since I cut it! I think it looks really cute! There is a lot more volume and the curls last a lot longer since they aren't being weighed down!! I still miss my long hair but this makes me like my hair a little better!!
And I'm wearing goggles, haha, the scientist! Fashionable huh?

I still have to post my Ipsy march bag review... My April bag is on its way! Yikes I need to catch up!

And also! Last Friday I completed my 12 week fitness challenge! I was basically just working out 5 days a week with 2 days rest, and eating clean for about 3 weeks now!! So proud and accomplished! But I am continuing it for another 6 weeks! (Basically I'm going to keep doing it til my vacation in Cyprus in August, and it has become a habit so I'm used to it and want to do it now!!!) if you set your mind to it, you can do it!! Do something for 6 weeks and it becomes habit!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Recent Photoshoot :)

So about a month ago I had a photoshoot with an awesome photographer, Joshua Shelton ( or that I found through a Groupon Deal. I have been wanting to take professional photos for a while, so I thought why not. I looked through his online portfolio and his photos were amazing! He has even shot with Kim Kardashian among other famous people and models! Some of his models are gorgeous! He really does a great job catching the essence of the person and it really shines through in the photographs! This photoshoot was a steal, such great photos!
I drove all the way to downtown LA, where the studio was, it was right across the street from the Staples Center on the day of the Oscars I believe. A lot of the streets were closed but it was really cool being able to have a view of the Staples Center and see the line of people outside as I was doing my photoshoot!
Since I had never had a photoshoot before, I didn't really know what to do. Josh was great in instructing me how to pose and what to do. I had a lot of fun, and although a lot of my photos were just me being stupid, some of them came out amazing! Here are two of my favorite ones!

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