Friday, March 29, 2013

Mini weekend trip!

So the boy and I decided to check out Palm Springs for a mini trip! It is going to be about 90 degrees! small taste of summer! Here are some of my outfits!
First is a motel rocks play suit in butterfly print! And second is a floral print dress I got a few years ago in Cyprus! The floral dress has a pink ribbon as a belt and it is super cute and comfy!
I also entered the motelrocks #motelbunnies competition! I love motel so I decided to wear my butterfly playsuit that I ordered and never had a chance to wear! As always, you can use my code "andreah227" for 20% off!!
I also am bringing my L*space Audrey fringe bathing suit top with my floral Victoria's Secret fringe bottoms! Can't wait to rock them by the pool!
Will post pics later! Posting from my phone so sorry if the layout of the pics looks weird!
Xoxo A


Spring 2013 Florals!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

New pumps! Sky high

I was in Santa Monica last night walking around the downtown promenade. It was around 11 pm and I was surprised that there were still some stores open so late on a Friday night. I walked by several window displays and the sparkly shoes on display at Steve Madden drew me in. They had some sparkled sandals on display which looked so pretty but came with a hefty price tag. I kept looking in the store and went towards the back where they had extra sale on their boots. I looked through their boots but couldn't decide which ones I could see myself in, when I spotted these heels among the boots. Black leather sky-high pumps with gold studs on the front! I fell in love. They have about a 6.5" heel with a platform, and they are comfortable to walk in! I tried them on and the sales lady told me they were the last pair and surprisingly (and my luck!) they were in my size! I decided to get them! They were originally $149.95....and then on sale for $59.99, and guess how much I got them for?! 60% off that last price! such a steal! :D I was so excited, I walked out of the store at 11:30pm with a new pair of Steve Madden Heels!
Can't wait to wear them out!
xoxo A


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Domain Name!!!

I am really excited and happy to announce that I just purchased my first domain name! Ever since I was in middle school, I got into web design and have dreamed about owning my own .com!!!!!!! (Check out my early work, FruitFlava, don't laugh, it was my first website and I was obsessed with photoshop!!) And now I finally did it with this blog. Hopefully my blog takes off now that I have PHDFASHIONISTA.COM!!! It should start to redirect soon, hopefully Google processes it soon! So change your bookmarks! ( will also redirect, so no problem!!!)
SO EXCITED! Finally have my own website!

xoxo Andrea

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Healthy goals!

So today marks the start of week 10 of my 12 week workout challenge I set up for myself. I just completed 9 weeks of working out 5 days a week, 2 days rest! It is amazing how you can start good habits! It started out only as a 6 week thing I wanted to do for myself, but since it became a habit, I decided to continue it for another 6 weeks. What I do is I log the workouts I do every day, it just makes it easier! Just writing it out on a piece of paper really helps! And knowing that if I don't work out today I will have to write "Rest day" on it, makes me work out so I can take another day off. :) I also started "eating clean," or more simply, eating healthy. I allow one "cheat" meal a week, so I can still indulge in unhealthy stuff every once in a while! I started packing my own lunches, making chicken for extra protein and veggies!! Healthy snacks with protein and fiber that will fill you up and avoid junk food! When I go grocery shopping I try not to buy chocolate or other unhealthy stuff; if its not available to you, you won't eat it! :D I've been trying to eat healthier for the last 2 weeks and I feel so much better, and I can tell it is helping my body out. I want my abs to come in, but no amount of ab exercises will do that.... abs are made in the kitchen, i.e. eat healthy and decrease body fat percentage! Sorry to go on my healthy exercise rant, but I wanted to write a post about it. Anyway, I received my new Nike Free TR III running sneakers in the post yesterday!! They are so cute! They are good for working out and running, minimal support so you can feel your lunges and squats better! I might still need support for running because of my knee, but I have another pair of sneakers I can wear for that. And they are so cute! And really comfortable! I love them! I can't wait to work out in them!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shoes shoes shoes!

Ok so I went on a little bit of a shopping spree this weekend and I bought 2 new pairs of shoes... one pair for the gym, and one pair for every day.
A lot of people I know and my friends who go to the gym wear these Nike Free sneakers, and they say they are really comfortable for working out such as running and doing squats/lunges. There is minimal support and gives you a flat fit so you can feel your squats and various workouts in your legs better :)
I spotted these cute patterned Nikes, and they were on "sale" for 100 dollars... Worth it! So I ordered them from, and if you join their NikeID, you can get free shipping! Which was great. What wasn't great was the 9 dollars taxes I paid, thanks California! :(
These are the Nike Free TR III in White/Polarized Pink-Black-Atomic Teal :D
I got an email saying they were shipped today. :D can't wait to try them on and work out!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

L'Oreal Get Noticed competition!

So I entered this contest on facebook to be L'Oreal's next spokesperson! Totally don't think I'm going to win as there are other girls with over 2000 votes, but here's to trying right?
Can you PLEASE vote for me?
All you have to do is click on this link HERE or copy and paste this into your browser: "" and just hit the heart to vote for me!! You can vote daily so feel free to come back and vote if you like! I'd love you forever!
If I get anywhere close to 1000 votes I will do a giveaway! Something special!
Please help a poor grad student show that Scientists can be sexy!
Much appreciated! <3
xoxo A

New Jeans time!

So since I need to do laundry, all my usual jeans are in the laundry basket...I went fishing in my closet for another pair of jeans to wear. Lo and behold, I found a lighter wash jegging that I used to LOVE to wear. Why don't I wear these more often? I thought to myself.
Well, I found out the reason to that later in the day when I went to the bathroom and noticed I had 2 HUGE holes in between my thighs!
I have to admit,  before I started working out regularly and lost some weight in my lower half, my thighs used to rub against eachother all the time, and it sucked. A lot of my jeans developed holes from the material rubbing against itself. Granted, this still happens to me now with my newer jeans, but I think it is more because I wear them almost every day until I decide they are dirty. But enough is enough, I don't have any more jeans that I can wear because they all have holes and they are not the right cut (I like the jegging-skinny fit more than the boot cut or wide leg!)
So I went over to American Eagle and they had some sales on their jeans!
I bought the Jegging Ankle in Dark acid wash for $34.95, not bad at all! I just realized that it is "ankle" and working in the lab we are not allowed to show any skin on our legs... hmmm this may be a problem, but knowing how short I am and how short my legs are, even though I ordered the "short" size, they will probably be the perfect length (if not longer!)!
American Eagle Jegging Acid Wash jeans (left), and Jegging Bright Light - Super stretch (right).


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obsessed with Victoria's Secret!!!

Ahhhh I've been obsessing over the victoria's secret website!
I am itching to buy a new swim suit (even tho I have a few!), and I also want to buy more work out clothes from them!!!
First, the swim suit is this, but in a different color, although I do like this color, its really pretty. I also really like the bottom, as it seems to be very flattering and sit low on the hips. I really like the detail on the top, and it does come with straps so you don't have to wear it strapless -- I hate wearing strapless swim suits! but that doesn't stop me from having the bandeau style! :)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy March!

Happy March everyone!!
Wow, the month of February has come and gone and we are now in March! Time is flying by!
It was beautiful in LA this weekend, it was in the 80s so on Saturday, some friends and I went to the beach to surf, chill and relax by the water!
I wore my Fringe bikini top by L*Space, I just love it! It is the original fringe bikini, before a lot of other brands started copying it and selling it for less than 1/4 the price!! This top was 71 dollars! And worth every penny. But when I see cheaper brands selling the same or similar style for not even 20 bucks, I feel cheated. Anyway, here is my suit, paired with a black bottom from Victoria's Secret!

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