Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunny Days and Sundresses, and Tips to Not Overwhelm Yourself

Happy Monday!
I honestly can't believe its the end of July! This month was a whirlwind with moving, travel, winding down with experiments, rediscovering my motivation, lessening stress, and getting things done from my to-do list. And also, my moving-across-the-country-again is quickly approaching, and its a bit terrifying. I'm trying to soak up the sunny days and good weather before I head east to the winter.
On the weekends I have started wearing more and more of my sun dresses, of course with a floral print, to run errands, get brunch with friends, hang out at the beach, or even to go out at night. I really like white as it is a chill summer color, and the details of this dress are just so pretty! I really liked the details of this dress from SheIn, and it was so comfortable - this Floral Print Drawstring elastic Waist Cami Dress comes in just one size, and it fits perfectly! The drawstring detail in the back with two little pearls was also just darling! Also was a great price, definitely fits into my budget right now, and totally affordable for grad students or anyone on a budget.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Conference Fashion Inspo Line Up - Thesis is Near

Hello loves!
I am back again with a new post, this time I'm sharing some of my lusts and wants for conference fashion inspiration! I am done with writing my dissertation and now all that is left is formatting and compiling the chapters together, and I have an over 150 page document!! How's that for 6 years of PHD! I am almost a Dr!! My Dissertation defense is on June 8, but I am not too stressed out about it.
Instead I am trying to pick out what outfit to wear, as I want to look polished and sleek!
I am also presenting at a meeting towards the end of June - I am going to be presenting my latest publication work, for the first time, and I am really excited! It will be after I have my PhD but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to present my work and network!
Well, anyway, here are some of my picks for conference fashion, and I have been a huge fan of dress pants, pretty blouses, and pretty heels/booties. The links are shoppable, so you can easily find the products if you happen to fall in love with a certain product!

I hope to be bringing you more guides like this when I have more time during this summer!

Conference Fashion Inspiration:

What is your favorite blazer/blouse/dress pant combination?
Let me know in the comments below!


*Disclaimer, this page contains affiliate links - no change in cost to you if you choose to shop, but any proceeds made go to the maintenance of this blog! :) *

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring is Blooming with JORD

Happy March!
It is almost time for Spring, and I am counting down the days for warmer weather and blooms! LA is year round nice weather most of the time, but we've had an actual "winter" this year, with lots of rain to help get most of the state out of a drought, with the exception of some parts of southern California!
In addition, I am entering the final months of my PhD and while it feels like its been forever and time is going by slowly, May/June will be here before I know it! I am going to start writing the last parts of my dissertation come April! I am currently looking for research jobs but also exploring other options like science writing! 

Here is a lab friendly outfit I put together, with this really pretty cold shoulder top. I am in love with this trend for Winter/Spring, and I love that this specific top can let some color peek thru, as I have paired with with various colors. Some dark jeans and some boots, and the look is perfect for the lab! But we can't forget about accessories - and for this outfit, I based my outfit on my accessories! Does anyone else ever do that??  I purposely looked for an outfit I can match with my new women's watch by JORD Woodwatches, mostly because of the really cool Mint watch face.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fabulous Accessories for the Holidays - Accessorize with Montana Silversmiths

Happy Thanksgiving! Here in the US this week is all about giving thanks, and appreciating what you have. And more importantly, its about taking some much needed time off from the lab!
I just finished some long days/late nights of just writing writing writing, and sent off a final draft to my labmates for revisions before sending off to the journal for *hopefully* acceptance for publication! So I left lab early on this pre-Thanksgiving afternoon, and I jumped right on to get some blog posts written for you that I have lined up!
I have a small holiday wishlist, and a lot of those things on my list are accessories, and pieces I can match with clothing and outfits I already own. A great way to spice up your outfits is by adding some extra bling and pizzazz with your accessories, including earrings and necklaces!
I am a big lover of dangly and sparkly earrings, in addition to pendant necklaces, so when I discovered Montana Silversmiths Jewelry, I was a huge fan of their selection of really pretty pieces. They have a lot of timeless, classy earrings and necklaces, and it was hard just choosing a few to style!
Here are a few of their pieces I was sent to style, and they are my favorite! I fell in love, and they are super affordable and great quality pieces that will last.

First, I styled these Retro Flair Open Fan Earrings with a casual outfit I wore to the lab, and they were super pretty and stylish. In addition, because they had some bling on them, they really stood out in contrast with my dark hair!


Monday, August 15, 2016

Beach Chic Essentials - Don't want summer to end!

Today I'm bringing you a "Beach Chic Essentials" post, where I'm talking about pieces that I'd wear to the beach! I am totally missing the beaches of Nice and Southern France, I had such a good time (photos to be shared in part II of travel diary coming next post!).

Beach Chic Essentials


Monday, February 1, 2016

Malibu and Glam Necklace - weekend relaxing

Happy Monday and happy February! I can't believe it is already the first of the month! January flew by!
I've been super busy with lab work and some outside things I am involved with, which is great because it gives me more of a work-life balance. I've been trying to leave lab at a reasonable time so I can have enough time to relax and workout when I get home. So far so good, and my stress levels are much lower!
I'm also working on rebranding my blog a little bit, adding a fitness aspect to it, because fitness and health has become a big aspect of my life recently, ever since I decided I needed to take care of myself. I am hoping to start writing some blogposts about lifestyle, fitness and health, and also start a youtube channel as well. I have been doing a beachbody program called 21 day fix and I saw results in 21 days, and I feel sooo much better - no more headaches or migraines! I am trying to help people as well so I signed up to be a coach, so if you are interested in doing a program with me, send me an email, I'd love to forward you some info on the program and have you join the challenge group that is starting next monday February 8!! I've started surrounding myself with a lot of positivity in this group, everyone is so great and posts every day to stay accountable, its exactly what I need right now.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Valentine's Night Out on the Town

I have been super stretched out lately due to overload of work and starting the last 6-9 months of my PhD (!!!!), so I haven't had a chance to shoot some outfits, but more will be coming soon. Since it is almost end of January (!!! how is time flying so fast?!?), I decided to do a post on my Valentine's Outfit that I am planning - the boy hasn't said anything about plans yet but who doesn't love shopping for new dresses! We don't usually do anything big other than go to dinner sometimes the weekend after, but I'm going to suggest we do something a little bigger this year.

I was inspired by the glam feel of San Francisco Fairmont Hotel - I've only been to San Francisco once before, but I would love to go back and go out to dinner at one of the chic upscale restaurants in the district or at a fancy hotel! If you are looking for great hotels in San Francisco, do check it out and let me know what you think!
I came up with two outfits that I could wear based on my mood and what kind of vibe I wanted to give - both I think are romantic and super stylish, but whether I was feeling like a bad ass (top) or more romantic (bottom), I could choose. I know its cliche to wear red on Valentine's, but I'm in love with burgundy for February. It is a color that I think I look good in.
For bad ass chic (top): I went with a flowy sleeved dress that is super boho and clean. Silver accessories like a necklace and a black bag and heeled boots complete the outfit look. I'm also feeling floppy hats, even though it'll be evening, why not? I've seen people wearing them inside and if we do something before earlier in the afternoon evening, why not wear to dinner? And as far as makeup, I love a classy cat eye with some glitter glam, and some burgundy red lips! So perfect! My favorite burgundy lipstick is a shade from Hikari that I love, so I would totally wear that!

Valentine's Night Out on the Town


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Wonderland - Winter 2016 Fashion Trends

Happy weekend!
I can't believe it is already the middle of January! 2016 is already flying by!
We have had some rainstorms here in California because of El Nino, and it has been a little refreshing. The weather has also been a little cooler and chilly here, but not as bad as in the east coast and the midwest. I got a little taste of winter when I was home for the holidays, but got back to LA just in time for the cold and snow to hit the east coast!
I wanted to blog post about winter trends I have been seeing lots of bloggers rock this season - winter wonderland clothing!
I love love love light colors this season, like beige, white, and metallic! I have seen many a beige jacket and I really want to incorporate one into my wardrobe! I'm also digging ombre style sweaters, especially with lighter colors!
Metallic nails are also something I'm super into this season - I love silver as it reminds me of the holidays and winter!
And something I'm obsessed with now are scarves. I wish it was colder in LA so I could wear them more often. I love lighter patterns and also chunky knit ones! So cuddly and warm! Scarves definitely kept me warm while I was on the East Coast!

Winter Wonderland - Winter 2016 Fashion Trends


Monday, December 7, 2015

5 Cheap and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas that won't break the bank

Wondering what to get your friends and family this holiday season without breaking the bank? Run out of ideas of what to get someone who seemingly has everything?
I just finished paying my rent/bills and doing my finances and realized I don't have extra money to spend the rest of this month (and it's only the 7th! eek!), so I came up with a list of cheaper and unique ideas for gifts for my friends and family!
What do you think about this? And I love checking out Amazon for gifts because they are always cheaper and super easy because if you have prime then they get delivered super fast (depending on your city, sometimes here in LA I have received things next day when ordering the night before!)

1. A Cute Quotation Mug - Who doesn't love a cute mug for coffee or tea? I know lately I've been so busy to wash dishes, and all of my coffee mugs get used and sit in the sink - it's always nice to have an extra mug! And if there's a cute quote or design, all the better! I thought these were super cute and motivating. Check out similar here, there are too many cute ones on amazon for me to just link a few!

2. A Cute Tea kettle/tea set - I have been wanting a tea kettle/tea set for some time now! I like drinking tea in the evenings now as it is calming and not as much caffeine as coffee, and what better to make tea than with a really cute tea set! It's not a complete necessity but just to make yourself or your friends/family feel cute, why not! I couldn't find a single one I wanted, as they are all too cute, but check out similar here ! A tea pot set is definitely on my wishlist for the holidays!

3. Wine/Whiskey glasses and accessories  - If your loved ones and friends are of legal age and enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine, whiskey, or other beverage of choice, what a better gift than some cute glasses or accessories (corks, openers, etc.?) They should be relatively inexpensive and can be super useful at parties or entertainment, especially during holiday parties this season! Check out Whiskey Glasses, Wine Glasses or alcohol and wine accessories.

5 Cheap and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas that won't break the bank


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November Fall Trends Style Guide

Hi loves!
Life has been rather hectic for me with work, leaving me little to no time to myself. I need to figure out how to better balance work and life, as I need to make time for myself, whether it is blogging, working out, or sleeping! Trying to do too much with not enough time always ends up feeling overwhelming.
Every night I browse a couple of my favorite blogs to relax, and scrolling through the fashion hashtags on instagram, I have gained some style inspiration for this November/fall! I am itching to go shopping now!
Here are some Fall November Trends that I am loving right now!

1. Braids - After attending StyleCon OC this past weekend, it was all about the braids! They had braid bars all over the event so you could get your hair done! I got a crown braid which went around the entire top of my head (photo peak on instagram, outfit post to come Thursday/Friday!). And since I am bored with just wearing my hair down to work, I have started trying to do a front pleated braid, which helps my highlights stand out and it keeps the hair out of my face! I want to do a youtube tutorial on this, if I ever find the time to record!

2. Tulle/Full Skirts  - I saw a few bloggers wearing Tulle skirts, and I fell in Love!  I saw my sweet blogger friend Jeannie from wearing a Tulle skirt in her latest post and it solidified for me the style - it is so chic especially paired with some boots! A full tulle skirt matched with a plain blouse is just the perfect outfit! I am going to buy a tulle skirt soon to style on the blog!

November Trends Report


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to style a scarf as a main piece - Jordanian Scarf and Zara Jeans

It's been a hectic week and weekend, super busy with work and a blogger event (recap post coming soon!) and hanging out with long lost friends (my college roommate was in town so I got to see her for a halloween party in hollywood!). It was so nice because I hadn't seen my friend in 3 years, so it was really convenient to see her! I went to a halloween party at a club in Hollywood hosted by IronMan Magazine, it was a rather busy day because I went to a blogging event #FabDILab in Santa Monica (outfit post to come!), got home, quickly changed into a makeshift halloween costume, and headed out! I managed to develop a small cold too, I think from constantly being on the go and not allowing my body to rest! So I took yesterday off and worked from home. It was a nice little break.

The weather in LA has recently gotten a little cooler, so I'm pretty happy we have somewhat of a fall (but I am still in shorts during the day). On one of the cooler days I decided to wear this outfit I wore to lab, with my Zara skinny jeans and a plain white tank top from Forever21. Since it was a little chilly, I covered up using this beautiful scarf I received as a gift from my boyfriend's wonderful mother from Jordan. It was gorgeous!!! I fell in love with it and the pattern, it is totally fall! Matched with my black ankle booties from Target (Brand: Sam & Libby), I thought it was the perfect fall outfit that could be worn to work or out to dinner, drinks, whatever! Sorry for the multiple photos, I loved this shoot and couldn't decide on just a few photos to post!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Conference Style Guide: What kind of Handbag to bring to a Conference

Hi loves!
Since I have been to so many conferences this past year (and still on planning on going to a few more before I graduate), I have become experienced with what kinds of bags work or don't work for carrying your things at conferences without sacrificing style!
I am coorganizing a symposium at the ASBMB 2016 Meeting in San Diego in April, and hopefully attending another conference or two by the summer - so there are a lot of opportunities to network but so many opportunities to be stylish as well!

What do you usually carry with you at a conference?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Loreal LA Palette Nude 2 - Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial

Happy Friday!
I am bringing back my makeup tutorials, as I haven't had a chance to do one in a while! I am also going to get back on track for 2 posts a week, I was trying hard to keep up but with traveling and the stresses of life I had been posting once a week! But I have a lot of fresh new content to deliver so be on the lookout for more things! 
I am SO so so happy it's Friday! I had such a busy and stressful week, and it's finally over. I easily worked over 60 hours this week, and those 60 hrs were spent on preparation work and literally running around all day, so I don't feel as bad not going to the gym or working out. Although I have been trying to do some yoga every day!
Here is a makeup tutorial for a look I wore this past weekend to a fellow blogger's baby shower using a new Palette I have had for a while but never opened, the L'Oreal LA Palette Nude 2! I got this Palette at the Vanity Fair Social Club event for the Oscars a few months ago but I never used it because I was so obsessed with my Urban Decay Palettes. One day I thought I would try to create a new look with this palette and I fell in love with the colors! They are all matte, but they create a really glam look when paired correctly! The palette even has some look tutorials on the back!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chevron Skirt and Crop Top - Zaful review!

Hello loves!

Happy Hump Day! Can't believe it is already Wednesday! Hope you all had a great long weekend (if you took Labor Day off!). I decided to take it off instead of going to work, because, well, why not! I was regretting it yesterday when I realized how much work I have to do and already is closer to the weekend than I would expect... But never regret something in the past because at some point it was exactly what you wanted ;) I seem to still feel under the weather, as I have been the past month, I think traveling has really gotten to me, and it's either stress or I'm actually sick, but I've been feeling tired and have headaches and toothaches rather frequently. I am going to try to get checked out soon.

I was able to hang out with a lot of friends this weekend, which was exactly what I needed! I was out and about all weekend, and I fell in love with this beautiful Zaful Wavy striped crop top and skirt set to go to dinner with a friend! I was a little hesitant to order it online without trying it, because even though I knew my measurements I was worried it would be too small on me, but it ended up being the perfect size! I received it in the mail just when I got back from Cyprus, and I was finally able to wear it and shoot it and let me tell you, in 3ish weeks, I must've lost an inch or so in my waist because when I wore it this weekend it zipped up so easily versus before! I've been trying to be active 4-5 times a week, and it has really made a difference!

I've been seeing so many people and bloggers wearing crop tops with skirts, and I really love the trend! It is super cute, but I always thought it wouldn't look too great on me, but after seeing the set on me, I am in love! It is super comfortable too, with the skirt being super flowy and flattering! I actually wore this skirt again the next day with just a black tank top tucked in and created a whole new look (wish I took some photos of the next outfit, oh well!). The crop top was also flattering. I was worried the "girls" would be too big, but the crop top had a cute little hidden zipper on the side, so it fit perfectly! I had a hard time picking an outfit on Zaful because everything was so cute, and when I first spotted this combo I fell in love, but being insecure of how it would look I kept scrolling, but kept coming back to this outfit! So glad I went with it!

And now the photos ... What do you think about this outfit? I paired it with some really cute wedges, which were the perfect summer touch that I bought from Charlottee Russe, and this really stunning coin necklace I bought while in Barcelona at a shop called Ale Hop. I love my pieces I bought while abroad! 

For the shoot, I found this really cute "Love" wall nearby and fell in "love"! haha! There are a lot of walls like this around LA, it's a rather cool spot to shoot at as a blogger!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Style Trends: Cheap dresses for a Fall Formal Event

Hello loves!
Happy Friday! I am sooo glad it is basically the weekend! This week seemed to drag by. I finally got back into the groove of things (it only took me a month! oops!) but I guess everyone needs time to relax and destress!
I really can't believe it is September! Fall is basically here (or so it seems, in LA it is still just hot), so I am excited for the new trends that I'm feeling -- I would love for the weather to cool down a bit so I can wear boots and sweaters, but I can still incorporate some pieces into my wardrobe!
In addition, there are lots of events going on in fall, including fall weddings or other formal events to attend, whether it be anniversary dinners, birthday dinners, baby showers, weddings, etc., and here are my picks!
I love maroon/purple/dark blue for fall - perfect shades for the day getting shorter (sigh! I don't like shorter days...), and the impending cold (we wish, in LA!). I really like these flattering darker formal dresses from, cut right above the knee! Perfect length, and they are all under $50! Super affordable even for a poor grad student on a budget!  I love the different cut necklines, from one shoulder to sweetheart strapless to regular straps, they all seem to be flattering! and can be worn for many different occasions! Accessorized with the perfect statement necklace (I'm feeling silver accent pieces this Fall) and the right heeled pumps (nude or black?), perfect outfit for a night out or wedding/event!

Style Trends: Cheap dresses for a Fall Formal Event


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Fitness Challenge - Getting back on the workout grind!

Hello loves! happy September!
I really can't believe it is already September and the summer is basically over!
Today marks my 4 year anniversary of living in Los Angeles! Woo woo! How fast time is flying, it is a little scary!
Today I am bringing out a style board with some fitness outfits to give you some inspiration! I am putting in some more effort to work out 4-5 times a week, mainly to help deal with stress and anxiety with work, and to get back into shape! I used to work out 5 times a week and I was so fit! and then I fell off track the last year or so, and I miss it! I also realized I have to make time for myself, which is something I have been neglecting to do -- leading to more stress, so it is a vicious cycle!
I have been looking for new workout gear to wear, even though I already have a bunch, new workout clothes always inspire me and make me want to work out!
Here are some styles I have my eye on lately:
September Fitness Challenge - Getting back on the workout grind!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Shoe Picks - Wear to...

Hi lovelies!
With summer basically here (depending on where you live, but in LA it is summer already!), ever wonder what shoes to wear? I love shoes, but working (or basically living) in the lab really limits what kinds of shoes I can wear... must be closed-toed shoes, but on the weekends/evenings I branch out and wear a pair of my cute shoes (my closet is full of shoes!!).
Here are some picks for this summer, with selections to wear for various places.
Summer Shoe Picks - Wear to...
Summer Shoe Picks - Wear to... by andreah227 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Beach Trip Essentials - Summer Lovin'

Happy Friday loves!
I'm SO happy its Friday, and it's a long weekend here in the US, Memorial Day weekend!
I am going on a little mini trip with the boyfriend, to get away from work and stresses and just relax! Where am I going? Can you guess from the Style board posted below???
Also, I have some great news, my paper is finally accepted in the Journal of Biological Chemistry!! It will be online sometime soon, but it is just in time for me to present my research at an international research conference in July in BARCELONA!!!!! It has always been a dream of mine ever since I was in high school to go to Barcelona, and now it is happening, on a business trip nonetheless, but I will be able to explore the city (and bring you MORE conference/work fashion when the time comes!). I also will be jet setting off to the greek islands right after the conference to visit my family for a week and a half, so I AM SO EXCITED!!! I have needed a vacation since I went to Hawaii last September, so I am way over due, even with this little mini getaway this weekend with the boy!
Well, since my trip is 2 months away, I am day dreaming about afternoons on the beach, with no cares in the world. I LOVE research and it's my passion, but sometimes you need to step away from the bench and unplug for a week or two (or three!). Here is going to be my uniform this weekend and in July when I am traveling and on the beach: I have picked out some bikinis and cover ups and accessories! Barcelona also has some beautiful beaches so I am sure I can double use outfits for both my island excursion and Barcelona!
Beach Trip Essentials - Summer Lovin'
Beach Trip Essentials - Summer Lovin' 


Friday, May 8, 2015

Gift Ideas for Mom - Mother's Day Inspiration

Hello lovelies!

Happy mother's day this coming Sunday to all the lovely mums and mums to be!
I unfortunately won't be able to spend it with my lovely mom because she is all the way across the country in Boston, but I will be there in spirit and have already sent her a card, and may just send her a bouquet of flowers or a care package later with some gifts! It's a little hard to send a lot of gifts when you are so far away, but the post office is always around the corner!

Here are some of my gift ideas for my mom, and hopefully some inspiration for you to get for your mom/wife/daughter/best friend/anyone in your life that you are celebrating this weekend!

1. Flowers - While I hate buying in to the whole holiday get flowers thing for like Valentine's day and other holidays, when you are so far away from your family, sometimes flowers mean the world. I like to send my mom flowers to her work to surprise her, and I have in the past on her birthday, particularly because she doesn't expect it. And my mom works a lot, so it's more likely to make an impact sitting on her desk :) There are lots of floral shops you can order flowers online, so even being across the country I can order from a local florist online and have it delivered within a few hours!

2. Cards - Cheesy sometimes, but again, when so far away, it shows that you are thinking of mom! A nice personalized message inside to tell her how much you appreciate her and miss her, can mean a lot!

3. Jewelry -  I tend to not like necklaces that say 'Mom' on them, but if it floats your boat, go for it! I float towards jewelry that can be worn with various things, and such I would shop for my mom with such a necklace! These cute wish, love necklaces are perfect, and add just the right touch to a casual simple outfit!

Gift Ideas for Mom - Mother's Day Inspiration


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring/Summer '15 Inspirations

As it is may already, I am already thinking about and trying to plan my summer getaway. I am overdue for a vacation, and this stress from work is killing me! I am dreaming of sun, beach, coffee/drinks, and relaxation at a place far far away! I am trying to turn this into a European escapade, so I will let you know the details as soon as I know more myself! hehe!

Today I bring to you a style board with some pieces and inspirations that I have been in love with recently.

1. Blazers:  Ever since I went to the conference, I have been in love with blazers and wearing them over a casual outfit. They add the right amount of chic and elegance while still being able to be worn more casually if the moment calls for it. They are very versatile, can be worn to work, over a dress, over a blouse, or even a T-shirt! I am stocking up on blazers and trying to wear them as part of different outfits to create more variation in my outfits!

2. Floral Print Spring Dresses: Something that I think I am going to carry over into summer is floral print dresses - I am in love with big floral prints this season, and what more romantic that a light, flowy skater dress with a flower print! Super easy to wear and easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion!

Spring/Summer '15 Inspirations

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