Friday, July 29, 2016

Episode 3 - Survival Guide to Grad School - 6 Tips on Surviving First Year!

Happy Weekend!

Today I'm bringing you the third episode in my "Survival Guide to Grad School" Series - this time I'm talking about 6 Tips to get through First Year!

First year was tough for me - from moving across the country away from my family and friends, to finally getting serious about research while taking classes and TAing... it can become a lot! So take some of my tips if you are in a grad program (or thinking about it), and save your sanity by learning from my mistakes!

Are there any other tips you have from when you went through grad school that you wish someone told you sooner?

Do you have any ideas for topics I should discuss next or any ideas for what you want to see next?
I'm really trying to produce more YouTube videos, so do let me know and if you fancy, subscribe to my channel to be updated when a new video posts! I will be doing some makeup looks next also :)

Have a wonderful weekend!




Monday, July 25, 2016

Going Out/Conference Formal/Social outing Look - Recycling Pieces to make the most of your Wardrobe

Happy Monday!

Today I'm bringing you a new outfit post featuring recycled pieces that you might have seen on the blog before (Ie. in this holiday outfit post HERE). Since I've spent a lot of traveling lately, my bank account is crying right now... so I decided to recycle pieces to create a whole different look!
In this outfit, I wore the bright red lace top I featured  before, with a black bandage mini skirt from Topshop from a few years ago! The outfit was simple and I wore my favorite Nine West heels that I have worn at conferences and are comfy enough to wear for a few hours. This is an outfit you can wear to a conference social (I wouldn't wear this to give a talk, but for getting drinks after the conference is over, I think it's fine!).
The accessories make the outfit shine, and I am rewearing one of my favorite bracelets, the Tassel Bracelet from the Yayoi Collection from Boyajian Trend Gallery, and a rhinestone bracelet from H&M I believe (given to me by my friend Samira!).
I used my little black pocketbook that doubles as a wallet from Express. and I curled my hair using my flat iron. If you are paying attention to my social media, I did cut my hair recently, so this was taken before I cut my hair (and I'm missing my long hair! T_T), but I will have some tutorials soon about styling short hair for the lab!
The best thing about this outfit? I didn't spend a dime, and I created a somewhat different look/look for a different occasion.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ole Henriksen VoxBox Review - Youtube video!

I'm finally back with a new post! Sorry for being MIA the last few weeks - but I have been active over on my social media, so if you aren't following me yet over on Instagram or Snapchat -- go do it now! I post daily over there!
Life has been so crazy lately, with TAing this Spring quarter, interviewing, graduation, my family visiting, attending a scientific conference in Portugal, traveling to France, and then trying to finish up a paper (one of the final chapters of my dissertation!), so I apologize!
But I am trying to get back a work/life balance and getting back to my blogging! I will hopefully be shooting some outfits this weekend, so I will be bringing you more posts!
I am also trying to get back into making YouTube videos, so go check out my channel and subscribe!

Today's post, I bring you a video review of some skin care products by Ole Henriksen I received through the Influencer App Voxbox! Since I was traveling and anything and everything I wanted, my skin was super upset at me, haha! Traveling, different weather conditions, drinking 3-5 coffees a day, irregular sleep schedule, jet lag, you name it, my whole routine was out of whack! It's amazing how your skin can react!

View the video below, and let me know if you have used any of these products before, if they've worked for you, or if you have used any other products that worked well!

(Isn't my thumbnail so flattering?! :D hahaha!)

Do let me know your thoughts about my first real youtube review below, and let me know if you prefer video or text post reviews!! I'm curious!

Take it easy!

Until next time,



* I was sent these products from Influenster Voxbox, but this does not affect my honest opinion on the products, opinions are 100% mine! *
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