Saturday, July 22, 2017

July Sizzling Fashion - The Asymmetric Maxi Dress

These last couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind and so busy; these last three weeks (how is it three weeks into July... time is flying!) I moved apartments, did a lot of experiments, and traveled to New Orleans for a Beachbody fitness conference! It was a lot of fun, and it left me with a lot of inspiration. It was also SO humid and hot, which I wasn't used to - in Los Angeles we have a dry heat. 90 degree weather with 90% humidity was unbearable. I still had a good time nonetheless - and I will have a travel diary post coming up soon! With such heat, had to adjust my outfits to pieces that were flowy and breezy - and what better than some maxi dresses? I packed two, and I wore one because the rest of the time I was in workout gear, but I am really loving maxi dresses with floral print and asymmetric hems for summer!  The dress I wore was a floral/leaf print with an asymmetric hem, and it was so flattering! I did a search for other women's fashion stores online, as I wanted to change up my selection of items - among my usual websites, I came across - I thought their site name is really clever and cute - stands for Your Inspiration! How appropriate and relevant for my current mindset!

I came across a really pretty selection of floral print and really trendy women's stylish dresses, and I picked a few of these down below (clickable images to shop). They also have a wide selection of dresses and grad student affordable fashion sexy tops, skirts, bottoms, etc. Ive been having fun scrolling through their dresses section, and trying really hard to not spend a fortune! Yoins also have a selection of activewear, bags, accessories, and shoes! I always have to take a look at the fitness selection; I can never have enough sports bras or leggings!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to pick the perfect Maxi Dress for Petite Women - StyleWe

Happy Wednesday!
I'm back into my regular routine of lab work and working out/eating well and trying to find time to relax, but I just got back my paper reviews, so I have some work to do. I also have a committee meeting to discuss graduation/defense plans, and hopefully set a date... so I have a lot going on outside of the blog, and I'm trying to get my fitness business up and running... so you can say I am a bit stressed!
BUT, I have been doing some online window shopping (I can't really spend money right now, I am under a lot of financial stress with bills, if you saw my credit card bills you would be horrified!), and I have noticed certain trends that I like for going into Spring/Summer! 

I am particularly fond of maxi dresses, even though I am petite (I stand at only 5' 2"!). Most maxi dresses I have tried on before and have bought are way too long and I have to get altered, otherwise I am stepping all over the bottom of the dress. Even heels sometimes don't do the trick! 

A caveat - Maxi dresses/skirts are considered lab appropriate, as long as they cover the entire leg and are paired with shoes that cover the entire foot - I've worn maxis a couple of times to lab as they are more comfortable than pants, and when you have the right shoes, can be very stylish! A lot of times you can wear boots too, that's an easy and stylish fix!

Here are some tips I have come up with to help you pick out a maxi dress that is flattering, and some of the "trends" I am loving in terms of style of dress! I picked out these dresses from StyleWe's huge selection of Petite Maxi Dresses, so you can take a look at the variety of styles of maxis! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

How to Wear a Maxi Dress/Skirt Guide for Petite Women

Hi Loves!
Happy Monday! I have been in the mood for maxi dresses and skirts for fall, as I have seen lots fall inspiration with some classy dresses! As a petite girl (I am 5' 2"), I have always loved the trend but never really knew how to wear it since every maxi dress or skirt I tried was wayyyy too long! I have shorter legs and a longer torso, so most of the time normal length pants and skirts are too long for me!

I decided to do some of my own research and come up with a guide on what I found for petite girls who want to wear Maxi dresses or skirts, as well as a few dresses or skirts from some shops that I really like! Maxi dresses or skirts are perfect for fall, as the temperatures get cooler you can trap some heat and also look rather fashionable! Here are some tips and shoppable links!

1. Wear heels  - You don't have to wear sky high heels, but any length can help. Even wearing ankle booties with a slight heel is better than nothing! A good alternative to getting height without sacrificing comfort is wearing wedge heels with a platform. Heels will lengthen the leg and flatter the lower body. You want the skirt to hit somewhere between the lower and upper part of your ankle. Anything longer will cause you to step on/drag the dress/trip, and anything shorter may actually make you look even shorter! You can always go to a tailor to shorten the skirt, which can be very helpful.

2. Accentuate your waist - a big thing to help a petite girl seem taller is to accentuate the waist, whether you are wearing a dress or a skirt. A belt always does the trick, and helps elongate the line making you seem taller! Even without a belt, look for dresses that cinch at the waist, so your petite frame is not overwhelmed. You can also tuck your shirt into the skirt for a high waisted look that will make you seem taller! A skirt with a foldable waist also allows you to adjust the length of the skirt as you can roll it down.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sunny days are back! Twist and Turn Open back top take 2!

I have had such a busy weekend, with another on campus symposium where I presented my research again with a poster and then 12 hours of talks on Saturday! It was awesome but rather tiring! It's nice to be busy but I also enjoy having a few hours to relax. This past week it was very cloudy and gray, which is unusually for LA. But, alas, the sun is back!
Today I am sharing with you another look I created using the Twist and Turn Open Back top by Leaf and Crown that I posted about a few weeks ago! Check out the original post HERE! I wanted a more casual, chill look, so I went with a maxi skirt. Little secret - this is actually a dress that I just rolled the top part down to my waist so it would act as a skirt! I got this skirt/dress from when I went to Hawaii back in September from a local store.  I loved the mint green color contrast with the black pattern, particularly matched with the black top!  I also wore these sandals that I have worn before, that I also got from a local store in Waikiki.

The top detail in the back again I love, and it perfectly hides my bra straps in the back! Super easy to wear and style! You can find/shop for this top on the Leaf and Crown Etsy store (, and it comes in a variety of colors! I particularly loved the black top but I also loved the top in purple or red!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Road Trip to Vegas, Pit stop fashion

Hello lovelies!
Today I bring you fashion from my recent road trip to Vegas for my birthday! The road trip from LA is a good 4 hour drive, if you don't stop at all...but being cramped into a car for 4 hours can sometimes be unbearable, so we had to stop a little more than half way in the middle of the desert, in Baker, CA. At this pitstop we got some snacks and drinks at the local gas station, and there was some interesting scenery. I busted out my camera and had my friend snap some photos of my outfit. 
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